CVE North America, Inc. is proposing a 3.1 MW solar photovoltaic installation pursuant to Westport Zoning By-Laws Article 20 Low Impact Development (LID) and Article 24 Large Scale Solar Energy System.

The proposed site is an 18.1-acre privately-owned land parcel located at 1665 Drift Road in Westport, Massachusetts. The project footprint is 12 acres with panels covering only 4 acres.

Screening measures, including plants, landscaping and fencing, will be implemented to ensure substantial buffering between the array and neighboring properties. Specifically, screening includes:

  • Heavy tree cover beyond the fence, such that the solar array will not be visible from the street or neighboring properties.
  • 6.5 foot fence raised 6 inches off the ground for animal passage
  • Ample setbacks from neighboring property lines


How We Compare

Westport has prioritized the need for clean, renewable energy by approving solar installations in three areas. Of these, our proposed project off Drift Road is the least visible due to the remote location and natural screening that will complement the buffers, landscaping and fencing implemented as part of this plan.

Adirondack Lane
Blossom Road
Old County Road