Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CVE North America prioritizes being good stewards of the community. We are committed to working with the Westport community to ensure a bright future for the Town while taking care of our planet for the next generations.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

How are Visual Impacts being minimized?

The solar array will not be visible from the street or neighboring properties as a result of screening from both fencing and heavy tree cover surrounding the site.  The proposed array is screened by over 270 feet of mature forest (over 430 feet total) from the closest abutter other than the site owners. In addition to existing screening,  native evergreen trees will be installed around the perimeter of the fence to ensure that the aesthetic of the location will not be affected.  There is no elevated lighting as part of this proposal. The glare analysis conducted by an independent firm has concluded that there will be no glare visible by the abutters and  no visibility from all necessary vantage points – including Rt. 88 and the river –year-round.

What measures are in place to mitigate impacts to the environment?

CVE North America is an environmentally conscious company that continues to evaluate ways to ensure our solar installations are a net benefit to our planet for all living things. The layout provides a 50-foot animal path crossing, and grass and native pollinator friendly flowers will be planted under and around the panels. No herbicides will be used to control vegetation.

Will this increase stormwater runoff?

No, this proposal will not increase runoff. This solar installation meets the stormwater management standards set by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Any increase to runoff is prohibited.

The proposal has also obtained approval from the Westport Conservation Committee confirming that it complies with best practices in the protection of wetland resources and stormwater management.

How will neighboring property values be impacted?

The solar array will not be visible from the street or neighboring properties.

Will this solar energy be used locally?

Yes, it is our goal to make sure that the residents of Westport and neighboring towns benefit from this locally produced electricity. We will produce clean electricity in Westport and feed it to the local grid that powers homes in the nearby region. As part of our community solar offer, we will then credit eligible users residing in Eversource territory for the clean energy produced. Those users will have discounted electricity rate as well as the guarantee that they are contributing to clean local energy. This proposal will have the power to potentially serve 550 homes.

How will this solar proposal impact my health and safety?

The solar panels used in this design are completely non-toxic and safe for the community. They are composed of silicon (effectively sand), glass, plastic and aluminum, all of which are easily recycled. This proposal meets or exceeds required standards to protect public health and safety.