CVE’s Westport Solar proposal will create many benefits for the Westport Community. These include:

Clean Energy

This proposal creates a clean, new source of renewable energy. It will help the Town of Westport along the path to becoming eligible for grants and Green Community Status, which is a designation awarded by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources.

Tax Revenue

This solar proposal will generate new tax revenue to support local schools, infrastructure and services for the town.


This proposal will create both construction jobs, as well as permanent employment opportunities once the solar array is installed.

Local Economic Activity

During construction, the project will help generate revenues for community businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and stores.


As part of the Community Solar offer, this proposal will allow eligible electricity users living in the NSTAR territory to have access to the environmental and economic benefits of solar without having to have solar installed physically at their homes. Once the installation is in activity, eligible electricity users will be able to receive discounted electricity rate and the guarantee that they contribute to clean local energy. This proposal will have the power to serve about 550 homes, at a discounted price.

Massachusetts Solar

Massachusetts has an impressive track record in solar energy development. In addition to the local benefits, this Westport solar proposal will contribute to the industry’s significant state-wide economic impacts.

Did you know…

  • Massachusetts ranks 6th in the nation (5th in 2017) for total solar capacity.
  • 11,530 people are employed in solar jobs.
  • The total solar investment in the state is $5,498.47 million.

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